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Fisted in cooking oil!


This slut lives in a village where men are never in lack of sexual experience to try. Joining two friends for a drink, this carefree does not know at all what it is prepared! Just sitting, she gobbles Braquemart a full mouth, while the other guy feasts on her thong aside and tampering with the folds of her pussy. Suddenly, he mounts the bitch of all his rod! Its beautiful hairy pussy is immediately dismissed as a yawning gulf, but the other guy does not lose the north and continues to give its trunk to suck … Not even undressed, our bitch gets screwed like a bitch in two, feeling her anus and her vulva will be filing a furious pace! She did not have time to understand what happens to him that one of the dolls head turns fisting that bitch. It attempts to plunge his fist into it, but the opening is too narrow … Solution: A large bottle of cooking oil, it pours heavily on the cast of the brunette! Completely slippery, dirty, the greedy can finally get all the fists she wants … even his own!

Date: April 28, 2020

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